Osprey Pole & Platform Project

Photo by Moe Molander

NBC is working on installing an Osprey pole and platform

The pole and platform will provide a needed site for the Osprey, and the view of it will provide both pleasure and education of these magnificent birds. The new Osprey platform will be installed at Osprey Marsh in Marion, a Sippican Lands Trust property.

Osprey are commonly found in the area. More than 25 nests have been observed around its coast. Many young Osprey seeking nesting sites at a breeding age of two years are building nests on unsafe sites such as utility poles and chimneys. These sites are dangerous for humans and the birds.

Sippican Lands Trust and Nasketucket Bird Club are working together to provide a safe nesting site.

 Bete-Fleming Flagpoles in Mattapoisett has generously donated the pole.

Osprey pole being installed

The Osprey pole and platform were installed by Sippican Lands Trust on Sunday, December 12, 2021.

We need your support

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